Tournament report of the match between Young Sam Kim 8p (Korea) and MyGoFriend


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As part of the Kido Cup from 06/11/2011 to 06/13/2011,
an exhibition match between Kim Young Sam 8p and MyGoFriend was played. The Kido Cup, which is supported by the main sponsor  Kido Industrial Co., Ltd. and the Korean Baduk associations Hankuk Kiwon (professional players association) and Kaba (Amateur Players Association) and the company Omikron Data Quality GmbH and Shinkwang Baduk, took place already for the third time after 2009 and 2010 in the heart of Hamburg.
The excellent organization has been carried out by
Yoon Young Sun 8p and the German Hebsacker-Verlag
(Steffi Hebsacker and Tobias Berben including their team).

The exhibition match was set at 06/11/2011 at 3:30 p.m.
Interested go players could watch the exhibition match live on KGS, too.

Kim Young Sam 8p, Korea


Kim Young Sam played white in the first game and was very confident as he had beaten MyGoFriend in a test match easily.
MyGoFriend played with the version 1.0. With this version the
gold medal was won at the 15th Computer Olympiad in Kanazawa (Japan).

After just a few moves MyGoFriend had a slight advantage,
but this meant nothing because of the outstanding
playing strength of Kim Young Sam.

A concentrated Kim Young Sam!


At move 32 MyGoFriend thought that is was already clearly ahead.

After move 45 the first game was decided in favor of MyGoFriend. It should be noted the time for each side was 15 minutes and the Komi 7.5.
Especially with black this was a promising start for MyGoFriend,
because this victory was a sensation for all,
considering the strength of Kim Young Sam.

More and more spectators at the tournament hall
and on KGS were now looking at the second game.

After move 31 from Kim Young Sam (b) MyGoFriend estimates a little advantage for White.

The Position after move 46 of white. The analysis module of MyGoFriend calculates a winning percentage of about 76% for white.

Final position after move 72.

The second victory against such a strong opponent!!
We think, nobody really hat expected this result. We also believe that Sensei Kim Young Sam was a little suprised by the playing strength of MyGoFriend.


Consequently, he was highly focused in the third game.


MyGoFriend calculates a slight positional
advantage for himself after move 31.

After move 68 Kim Young Sam won the game with
black against MyGoFriend. Standings 2 to 1 for MyGoFriend!

Sensei Kim in victory pose!

The fourth and decisive game of the showmatch.

Sensei Kim played as desired with black. After about 14 minutes MyGoFriend lost the connection to the KGS server. An immediate reconnect worked, though the right KGS remaining time was not taken by MyGoFriend.
MyGoFriend officially lost the game on time, but
the position was evaluated from strong
players on KGS  to be unclear or better for black.

Final result of the showmatch between Kim Young Sam and MyGoFriend: 2:2!

Here are the games for download:

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

Game 4


Game commentary from Kim Young Sam 8p and Yoon Young Sun 8p will follow soon...