User opinions


In the last two months MyGoFriend was warmly regarded by many users. Here you find some excerpts:

sivananda [1d]: this computer is good!
sivananda [1d]: unbelievable!

smartrobot [9d]: it's amazing that the robot is quite strong
smartrobot [9d]: i think it has very deep reading ability

carlosmoyo: this is great, i love high level 9x9

newlife [3d]: strong in corners

MXHero [3d]: omg this robot is too good

Colorless: never seen a bot do that before

ibd [4k]: this bot is pro strength

pyron [3d]: this b is strong!

bacpemy: i just think this bot is the strongest now

PunGent [1d?]: I doubt that I could take this program, playing even.

Hikky [9k]: bot from hell
kuggery [3d]: this bot is very strong
Hikky [9k]: can you beat this bot? :p
kuggery [3d]: i think this bot is 3d upper
Hikky [9k]: impressive

bilanjaro [16k]: wow.........

Lenneth [2d?]: robot is awesome
Tannix [1d]: yeah it's really strong
Lenneth [2d?]: great yose

lalaland: if its gonna play like this on 19x19 we're doomed..

EGC0524 [5k]: thx MyGoFriend u r great !

MyGoFriend is very happy to receive such nice words from players of all levels :)